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               VERESK GROUP    
                            Nesterova Street, 10,  Nizhny Novgorod 603005, Tel/fax 007  831 219 61 10
New construction sites

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"Veresk" Ltd was founded in 1994. Untill 1999 we carried out contract works for such large organizations, as "Vodokanal",  the Gorki railway (participated in reconstruction of the Moscow station, a recreation center of railwaymen at Sortirovka and Shpalnaya, Nizhegorodsvyazinform,  the city and the area administrations, Open Society "Lukoil".

Since 1999 we have been engaged as in contract works, but also in investment-building activity.

"Veresk" Ltd has licenses for performance of functions of the Customer - the Builder, the general contractor, the designer, on performance construction works, the specialized license for fire-prevention processing of bearing metal and wooden designs.

The first all-independently constructed object  – an elite four-storeyed apartment house at Nesterov street.

Director  of "Veresk" Ltd - Seryi Victor Valerevich, doctor of economics, professor.

                                             The  largest projects of "Veresk" Ltd:

 Capital construction: 

2004  - constructed and put in operation the 4-storey apartment-building  with built-in office premises at Nesterov street in historical city centre.

The author of  the project –  the winner of 10-th world Architectural exhibition 2003 creative masterworks Bykova V.F.

 2005 – constructed first of the three 18-storey apartment houses with  the attached public purpose premises at the Boulevard Mira in Kanavinsky district of  Nizhny Novgorod.

Construction of the second house is conducted.

The author of the project – the winner of three state awards on architecture creative workshop  of Pestov and Popov.

In march, 2006 there starts the construction of the first apartment building on the site limited by streets Obuhova, Packhomova, Rutkovskogo and Tchkalov.

The author of the project – design group "Veresk".

 Design direction:

 Carried out the design out the apartment  buildings on the site limited by streets Obuhova, Packhomova, Rutkovskogo and Tchkalov and the streets of Iskra,  Mendeleyev, Chongarskaya and Zhurova  in Kanavinsky district of  Nizhny Novgorod.

 Finishing works  direction:

   In 1999 - 2000    -  a full complex of works on the reconstruction of the House of Sports "Iskra".

   In 2000 -  re-construction of the television studio «TNT» in the Hotel complex of "Oka" (complex reconstruction of networks and constructions of hotel,  for reception   of necessary acoustic characteristics of functional and office premises  of the TV studio).

   In 2000-2001 -  complex reconstruction of the Hotel complex "Oka" with the execution of the decoration works of the apartments up to the VIP  category.

    In 2002 - complex of works on reconstruction of the Central market  of  Nizhny Novgorod.

           In 2005 - reconstruction of the restaurant « GRAND-cafe Boulevard» in the " Oka" hotel complex.

  Fireproof direction:

     In 1999 great volume of works on fireproof processing building designs of Open Society "Etna" is executed.

    2000 - 2004  large amount of works on fireproof processing  at the Kstovo oil refining enterprise Open stock Society "Lukoil-NORSI"

    1999 - large amount of works on fireproof of  metal and wooden designs at the Kstovo factory BVK, shopping center «Сормовские зори » and also set of fineer orders.

  Our partners are the largest commercial enterprises and state organizations of the city.

 "Veresk" Ltd is the firm valuing the reputation, therefore all the procedures necessary for construction, are

carried out very carefully.

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